I smoke, drink party and love life....but I'm skint
May 21st, 2006 + 8:05 PM  ·  Moses

This is the art of shredding.
December 23rd, 2005 + 5:12 AM  ·  Moses

Hey ho, silver lining:-D
Yer, just thought I write something.

One Ghostwood republic...

October 29th, 2008 + 10:10 AM  ·  Moses

Haven't been on here in a while. I think I'll start trying to get on here more again.
Hope every ones been savvy???!!???!!!
Anyway, thought some people might appreciate this, if you haven't found it already...

It's a rock remix of one of the gayest songs in the world.
Also there's a Rhianna remix in the same vain.

I liked it...
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Bandamp partie's?

December 20th, 2007 + 11:12 AM  ·  Moses

I feel slightly cheeky but could some one update me on what happened with the Amp partie's please. I completely missed out (on one that was in Suffolk aswell, thats my county, I'd have had no problem getting to it- DAMN MY MEMORY!!!)
How was it?
Is every one as nice in real life?
Who tweaked out (drunk far too much and chundered)?

MAINLY - Are there gonna be any more cause I'm still pi%*úd I missed the last two.....

I'm not looking for a 5 star thread or anything, I just wanna know...
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Souls in Shatters pt 2

November 8th, 2007 + 6:11 PM  ·  Moses

Ok, I always loved posting lyrics when I was last on here on a regular basis cause I could never upload anything so that's the tactic I'm usicng this time round too.

In a world where justice is nout but a penelty
protecting friends is a felony
to cause anger is their trap
lap, lap it up
another victem to the system
right becomes wrong
and wrong is defined by the thin blue line
time after time
and where is he now with his sirens on
when your lost and broken, and all hope is gone
there he is down the road with two more cars
cause his sixth sense tells him  this lads not far
from that stash that he holds
your in the wrong place pig
look round the corner, the samaritans dead
just beg
that you ignorance holds
cause your mind's too small for these stories of old

Don't be scared, stand up proud
present and apply your wit
the conscience of a nation
gives you no hesitation
we'll carry on, we are free
this is the first hit
while the powers of small masses
build the fire to be lit

What can I say about this world, we're all as stupid as eachother
take a leaf out of her book, take a leaf out of mine
leaving us as lost as we were before this rhyme
its like the blind lead the sighted
but the sighted have been blinded
by the blind so they can't see
the wrongs out there to see
and like a herd without a sheperd
we'll carry on till we're decrepid
fucked, obscured and mashed
our world has turned to ash
your people's hopes are shattered
and what support do we have
no reliance from the weak
but we'll carry them till we creep
though we leave the strong behind
is this wrong defined
or are we left here by the leaders too iresponsible for their post
although to me it seems opaque to most
suprise suprise, these opinion polls show difrant
but there's nothing that I can do
only regret ensues, then ensures our relise
through trying to find a cure I only find briefly, inormality
and an escape from imorality

Don't be scared, stand up proud
present and apply your wit
the conscience of a nation
gives you no hessitation
as we scream "we are free"
this is the first hit
while the powers of small masses
build the fire to be lit

as always, trying to prove a point- Souls In Shatters

February 14th, 2007 + 9:02 PM  ·  Moses

unknown to many, it's the system we're against
given the word under false pretence
in the government we see a mirror, ourselves reflected back
but what can we do it's an unchangable fact
that we group in small masses trying to figure this out
while we laugh and take notes on what lifes all about

so why do we cry, when we can't change a thing
buts thats why cry, we're just trying to think
with our headphones loud, we trundle on
though we fight for a freedom, our freedom is gone
with my hood pulled up, I've had enough
of being put down, when I'm trying to be tough

so I light up a spliff, cause it helps me think
I'm still not crying, but I'm right on the brink
yes my heart goes out, to all the people who died
but how can I run with this knife in my side
we've taken thier lives in centuries past
and we didn't ceise, not least till the last

like the buddy who hides, we cower behind
while the bully gives orders and I try to find
a reason we're here, did I want this farse
and your lies and policies you can shove up your arse
I'm not eighteen so I don't choose
it seems I've no right, so whatever, I loose

we're all in the same boat, but still we can't see
if we all sopped trying, we all could just be
last week she was crying and I had to cope
why does this happen to such decent folk
yet we all live this shit, and have to live on
but some times it feels, we live only to moarn

can't we all just stop, these playground politics
if he hit you first, turn the other cheek
laugh in there face and say you don't care
if you learn this fact, then I'll meet you there
in the place were we chill and don't give a fuck
we'll drink beer, laugh and rais a glass to good luck

but still it goes on, this life what it be
another broken nuckle, because he hit me
but what could I do, she was screaming for help
her voice in my ears, the rage I felt
still I gave him the shit, and showed him whos boss
that was all fine but then came the loss

I couldn't let go, and on I kicked,
neither for girl nor for glory, but a bottomless pit
of the anger I felt for the small minded twat
later it turned out, that thought wasn't fact
it was her godamn fault, she'd sent his best mate to prison
who's the dick now, my undoubted vision

now I feel how he feels, as I look in his eyes
I've been there before, and asked questions like why
I was angry I know, but I would never harm that slag
even though she lied, the false cat out the bag
she ruined my life, but still my morals hold strong
and still I get beaten, I do nout but wrong

my hood's back up, now I need a spliff
to help me think, why'd I do this
I think before hurt, but this time I failed
to do what I do, so when I fly off the rails
I'm justified and rightouse, so i can sleep well
cause I've used up god's forgivness, things I can't tell

I can't figure this out and my feet start to stall
I'm tired and wiery, some day I'll fall
the next day I wake up, grumpy and sad
another day in this hell, but i should be glad
cause I least I've got money, and thats what matters
in this world run by fools, that leaves our souls in shatters

This one I like, I want Pantera like metal with some proper agressive vox and a bit at the start saying how much I hate the way politics is run in this country and all over the world.
I am, indeed, a teenager!

Black dude for president!?!?!

February 14th, 2007 + 12:02 PM  ·  Moses

Hells yeah. Even if this guy is more of an arse than Bush I hope he gets in.
Wish Tupac was stil alive. Maybe he could have run for president one day...that would've been wicked!
So who is this guy anyway. I only saw something about him on TV briefly. It's a good thing we have a black guy runing for the president of America but, if I think about it, I realise he is probably just as much of a tw%t as Bush so...
Taking a risk though, if i was him I'd be paranoid about getting shot.
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